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About us

St. Alban's is a Mission Church, part of  the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. St. Albans has served the community of Yucaipa for over 50 years.


The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles lives out God’s mission as a Christian community uniting some 70,000 Episcopalians in 136 neighborhood congregations and mission centers, some 40 schools and 15 other specialized service institutions located in six Southern California counties. Los Angeles is historically one of the five most populous and culturally diverse of the Episcopal Churches 109 dioceses overall.

Priest-in-Charge                     The Rev. CC Schroeder


Bishop's Committee

Diane Schlicke                           Bishop's Warden

Lucy Manning                            People's Warden

Richard Smith

Rob Manning

Linda Amerault

Sharon Miller

John Miller

Marc Kowalski                          Treasurer

Kathy Lawrence                       Clerk